Your doorman is intimidating

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He froze when he spotted who was sitting in his window."Piper!?

Eddie stared at the usb just as shocked as Piper."Piper, I don't think your parents were scientists." Piper couldn't even nod all she could do was stare at the symbol on the usb.

After a moment of thought she pulled her mask back on and slipped the box into her back pack. Eddie was working on his calculus homework in his tiny apartment when there was a knock on his window. It shouldn't be possible for anyone to be at his window. He grabbed his baseball bat and made his way over to the window.

He pulled back the curtain fully ready to bash whoever it was in the head.

I kinda thought you'd come in through the door though." Piper shrugged."Your doorman is intimidating." Eddie frowned, his doorman did have a big scar on his face but he was actually a very nice man and Piper wasn't one to judge someone on their appearances."Ok but it's twenty three stories and the.." Piper cut across him."Listen Eddie I need your help." She explained her dream and her visit to her parents old house and her visit to her aunt and uncles.

She rummaged around in her bag until she found the box.

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